GSAS-II Developer’s Documentation

The documentation here is intended for those wishing to extend the capabilities within the GSAS-II framework, for scientists/students working to understand how GSAS-II works, or for people wishing to develop scripting applications using the GSAS-II Python API (module GSASIIscriptable). Note that most data structures used in GSAS-II are defined in module GSASIIobj.

For information on downloading/installing GSAS-II, please see the GSAS-II home page: https://subversion.xray.aps.anl.gov/trac/pyGSAS. To learn how to use GSAS-II, please see the tutorials, which can be accessed from the GSAS-II Help menu or from this web page: https://subversion.xray.aps.anl.gov/pyGSAS/trunk/help/Tutorials.html.

Argonne Information:: Argonne has assigned Software Invention #SF-22-147 to GSAS-II.

Documentation Version:

This documentation was prepared from GSAS-II version 5715