File GSASII.py is the script to start the GSAS-II graphical user interface (GUI). This script imports GSASIIpath, which does some minor initialization and then (before any wxPython calls can be made) creates a wx.App application. A this point GSASIIpath.SetBinaryPath() is called to establish the directory where GSAS-II binaries are found. If the binaries are not installed or are incompatible with the OS/Python packages, the user is asked if they should be updated from the subversion site. The wxPython app is then passed to GSASIIdataGUI.GSASIImain(), which creates the GSAS-II GUI and finally the event loop is started.

class GSASII.G2App(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Used to create a wx python application for the GUI for Mac. Customized to implement drop of GPX files onto app.


Call this after app startup complete because a Drop event is posted when GSAS-II is initially started.